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Lincoln lubrication kits are available at most authorized dealers of combines and combine parts. To verify that we have a kit available for your model combine, cotton picker, baler, or other equipment, please read the information below.

Combines - Kits available for Case IH combine models 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366 and 2388.

Cotton Pickers - Standard factory equipment on Case IH cotton picker model CPX 610 and available as a factory-fit option on model 2555.

Balers - Quicklub automated lubrication systems are available as standard equipment on all Case IH hay baler models LBX422S, LBX422R, LBX432S, LBX432R, LBX332S, LBX332R, LBX332P shipped to the United States. These units are equipped with centralized systems with the Quicklub 203 pump available as a factory-fit option on models shipped to other countries.


Please also be sure to review the information in the Case IH section.

Contact your dealer

Your dealer can order the correct kit and install it on your next new equipment purchase. In some cases, you can order new equipment to be factory fit.

If you need information about Case IH, click below:

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If you still have questions, or if your dealer is not as familiar as they should be with these systems, please contact us: