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Automated Lubrication:  

Feeds Components from a Single Point - Centralized lubrication feeds a number of components from one location. A more efficient method of lubricating than using a grease gun, the centralized approach is often lower in cost as compared with fully automated systems. The operator or mechanic uses a grease gun and applies lubricant to a conveniently placed central divider valve that feeds grease directly to every component without having to climb on or under the equipment.

Centralized Lubrication:  

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Feeds all points on equipment while it is operating by combining a pump, controller, lubricant measuring devices, feed lines and fittings. The system delivers grease in small, precise doses at regular intervals to vital components while the equipment is operating. The optimal time to lubricate is during operation--when all the surfaces that bear the load are continuously being exposed. As a result, lubricant can penetrate the entire wear surface while continuously purging chaff and field contaminants. 


Manual Lubrication:   

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Performed Point-by-Point - Manual lubrication defines the process of lubricating equipment one fitting at a time. Usually performed during routine maintenance before the equipment is taken out in the field, manual lubrication can take 30 minutes to an hour to lubricate every point. If performed consistently, manual lubrication can be effective.

Proper lubrication involves the best use of all of these technologies to their full advantage. Lincoln and your equipment dealer can help you determine the best choices for you and your operation.