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Quicklub® Automated Lubrication

Lincoln's Quicklub system gives you the ability to supply a precise amount of grease to each and every wear point on your equipment while it's operating.

The heart of the system is the rugged, one-piece Quicklub SSV divider valve. This valve, utilizing unique internal pistons, "divides" the grease and sends the appropriate amount to each lubrication point.

As a system is designed for a specific machine, multiple valves are used, each one configured to meet the unique lubrication requirements of every lubrication point on the machine. The electric pump that powers the system is programmed to activate at regular intervals while the machine is working out in the field.

See how an SSV works!

Quicklub® 203 Electric Pump

Our best seller, the 203 pump, is perfect for equipment demanding a higher volume of lubrication. Top equipment manufacturers feature the Quicklub 203 pump as part of automated lubrication systems they offer as standard equipment, factory-fit option or as aftermarket options available through their dealer networks.

Some of the features include:

  • Large, clear reservoir with available capacities of 2, 4 or 8 liters.

  • Vibration and shock resistant

  • Unique, lightweight synthetic housing

  • Integrated timer with manual override


Quicklub® QLS 301

If you require a system for machinery with less lubrication demand, the QLS-301 is for you. A complete system, QLS 301 comes pre-assembled with a pump, integrated controls and a metering valve. It's compact, rugged, easy to install and easy to use.

Complete and ready to go "out of the box," the QLS 301 can lubricate a combine with 47 points using NLGI #2 grease. QLS 301 can handle temperatures between -10°F and 158°F and stands up to high-pressure washdowns. With a built-in safety valve, overfill protection, reservoir low-level alarm and blocked line detection capability, the QLS 301 is a great value.


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Quicklub® - Standard U.S. Offering

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