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Centralized Lubrication

Our single-point, centralized approach ensures quick and proper maintenance on combines, balers, tractors and implements. The results are dramatic: It reduces lubrication time by more than 90 percent and extends the life of all components. Because the cost is lower, you can easily justify adding centralized lubrication to your tillers, seeders, planters and other equipment you now lubricate one point at a time.

You have three options for using this approach:

First, using a grease gun, you can supply lubricant to a single metering valve mounted in a convenient location. The valve in turn can supply up to 18 lubrication points. Second, you can set up a master metering valve to supply lubricant to several zoned valves, each capable of servicing 18 points. Third, the system becomes automatic when you add the electric grease pump and timer to you master valve and secondary valve arrangement.

A tractor equipped with a grease pump could supply automated efficiency to numerous implements equipped with centralized systems simply by setting the timer to meet the needs of each unit.